What We Do:

Gearhead Engineering Inc. provides engineering resources for software and hardware development. Our technical depth is deep. We have pools of engineering talent in the United States, Russia, Ukraine, India, and Pakistan.


We’re Engineers ourselves. Our background in engineering and project management allows us to understand your requirements and provide you with the specific capabilities you require to meet your engineering goals on-time and within budget. In addition we also actively work with you during the project to make sure everyone involved stays in alignment. We proactively work to ensure projects stay on-track and that you are happy with what is being done.


We evaluate your project and match your requirements with an engineering team with the correct specialization. Based upon your needs we can provide you with a team which is the right fit for you.

We provide a range of outsourcing options; bid projects, time and material (T&M), dedicated teams, and ultimately even subsidiary formation.

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